Dubai timeline

22nd Oct, 2015

How Dubai flourished into a tourist destination....

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World Halal Travel Summit

21st Oct, 2015

The keynote conference session is one of a number of seminars from industry-leading organisations, destinations and service providers delivering tourism products compliant with Muslim beliefs in a three-day programme investigating destination marketing, product development and quality standards in the halal travel sector....

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Why UAE should be on your bucket list

20th Oct, 2015

A thrilling mixture of old and new combined with forts, ancient villages and a set of eye-opening skycrapers....

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Fostering multicultural understanding and preserving heritage

19th Oct, 2015

World Tourism Day 2015 emphasises the impact of the sector on economic growth, job creation and development...

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The alluring history of the UAE

18th Oct, 2015

The UAE is a modern country with highly diversified economy, with the city of Dubai in particular developing into a metropolitan city and a global tourism, retail and financial hub....

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Travel and Tourism in the United Arab Emirates

5th Jul, 2014

As a result of strong feedback from the local medical practitioners about the challenges faced in attracting and managing potential medical tourism customers over the last few years, the government introduced a new medical tourism visa at the beginning of 2013...

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